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Children- connect with nature

posted Dec 29, 2010, 6:33 AM by Einar Olav Carlsen   [ updated Dec 29, 2010, 6:39 AM ]
we have celebarated Sabina birth day in a village school by planting 13 trees in a way to connect sabina to Nepal . This idea was of Eva( the mother) of Sabina to connect their children with Nepal and try to do small help to poor childen of the village.
Sincerely yours,

Anjana & Sharad has created a small programme in the mountain to help the children,"Children- connect with nature". This is selected to make an occasion to celebrate Sabina’s birthday, a girl born in Nepal and adopted in Norway. This way we connect the child to Nepal also.

We planted 13 hybrid trees of pears in a school compound.  The children planted it in the name of Sabina. And they will take care the tree around the year. For that we help them in different way.The place is 14 km away from Dhulikhel.

Name of the school: Janjagriti Primary school Phoolbari-8 Patle gaun  Kavre palanchok
Class : 12&3
No of students: 93 Most of the children are from schedule cast and Tamang ethnicity.
Three teachers. One paid by Govt and other two are from the community by selling trees of their local community forest. All the three teachers are girls.

Three congested rooms built temporarily with tin sheet.
No toilet, no water.

Today’s Event
There were only 39 children were there today rest has gone to do labor working in earthen break chimneys. Most children use to go with the parent to nearby town Bhaktapur for child labor. We divided 13 groups and each group has three children for the plantation. This was the idea that the group owns the tree and they will get the benefit of that tree. Sharad will monitor and evaluate throughout the year.

Children- connect with nature


Group A               1.Sugam Dahal

                                2 Swastika pariyar.

3. Manish Bhujl.

Group B.              1. Sujan Tamang.

2. Anjali dhal.

3. Babita Katuwal.

Group C               1. Sushmita Dhungana.

                                2. Pramila Purkoti.

                                3. Samir dahal.

Group D .             1. Nabuna Bhujel.

                                2. Laxmi Purkoti.

                                3. raju ray.

Group E.              1. Pushpa Dahal.

                                2. sanskriti Dhakal.

                                3. Dinesh Purkoti.

Group F.              1. Pratima Purkoti.

                                2. Kabita Purkoti.

                                3. Priya jan Dhaka.

Group G.             1. Sushma Pariyar.

                                2. Ujwal Dhakal.

                                3. rabina Purkoti.

Group H.              1. Milan Lama.

                                2.Kumari Mijar.

                                3. Anush Dhungana.

Group I.               1. Anjana  Dahal.

                                2.Suresh Bhujel.

                                3.Sujina Lama.

Group J.               1. Anita pariyar.

                                2.Navina Pyakuryal.

                                3. Dipa Bhujel.

Group K .             1. Anusha hungana.

                                2. Rupesh Pyakurel.

                                3. Kumar Bhujel.

Group L.               1.Rabina lama.

2. Manisha Bhujel.

3. Nirajan lama.

Group M.            1. Nishan katuwal.

2. Sujan pariyar.

3.Sabina Lama.

At the end we distribute sweets telling them that today’s is the birthday of Sabina who lives in white city Thrumso. They didn’t understand but when we will make visits and tell them about the city thy might figure out.

This is the small intervention to the area so we can develop some of the small programs to help children. So , she will have proud to say Connect Nepal.