Nepal going to Norway

Kirne - Privat

Historical NC-visit

For the first time in Norway Cups history comes a boysteam from Nepal to the tournament.  

Kirne NC Team 2010 is a local football team its two small villages called Kirn and Devitar in Nepal. These two villages is about 180 km east of Kathmandu by the old road to Jiri, who previously was the starting point for most of the draw of Everest Plateau. 

Norwegian companies 
Before going so far as to turn Jiri Mon south down Thamakoshidalen Thamakoshi and the river and follow it a few miles. You then end up in this small community that arose when Statkraft plants from Norway began work Khimti I, which is a 60 Mw large hydropower that exploits the energy of a river called Khimti.

The power plant has now been in operation for 10 years and has Norwegian interests through SN Power and BKK (Bergenhalvøens Municipal Power Plant) and an operating and maintenance agreement by Statkraft AS. It is a Nepalese/Norwegian company called HPL-Himal Power Limited which owns Khimti I. 


READY: Kirne from Nepal are ready for Norway Cup. 

The program 
In connection with the 10 year anniversary this year, submitted a proposal to send a local team from Kirn to the Norway Cup. After some back and forth they went, Statkraft AS, SN Power and BKK in and fully funded the trip.

In addition, they have also taken the initiative to put up a very good program for boys that week they are in Norway. The boys will, among other things, to experience Big Ben, the Royal Palace, Tusenfryd Hunderfossen and on a boat trip on the Oslo fjord. 

The team was established and composed of local boys from both the small villages Devitar and Kirn. They also represent both schools are located here. 

Both project the school as more or less is funded by HPL and the public schools. Last autumn they arranged a football tournament for boys in terms of picking the best players to a team for Norway Cup. 

Represents the width 
The area boys come from a poor agricultural region where just received insufficient food for their families. Most of the houses are built of stone and red clay, while some of the boys also live in houses made of bamboo.

None of the boys who have parents who work in HPL but some of the boys have parents in the service business that makes a number of services for HPL. Otherwise, they represent the breadth of the population at Kirn and Devitar. 

The boys' 14-year team will be the first male team that has ever represented Nepal in the Norway Cup. It is 100 percent sponsored by hydropower producers from Norway. 


The team was gathered in early April and consists of 11 boys aged 12-14 years. Since start-up have made had five organized trainings a week. Most players are also on the football field and coach some of the day they are free too. 

There are no leagues in soccer for children in Nepal. There are some teams in the major cities which have internal series, so the opportunity to play football, is on the local loops around the settlements.

The team has now played four friendly matches. They have gone into Kathmandu and played against an American school called Lincoln School. The team lost narrowly, but the team played against players who were two years older!

Otherwise, team also visited two places in the "near" by Kirn called Charikot and Jiri. The team lost one match and won the second. The team also plays game two times a week at a local composite team to gain match fitness. 

First flight 
Kirn NC Team has hired one of the most prolific coaches in Nepal for 12 days to give the boys a real boost before we begin to plan your trip to Norway. 

The coach has been playing actively for 10 years in the Nepalese national team, has participated in the Olympic team for Nepal and is now coach of the national 14 and 16 year old boy teams. The boys have in this period have two workouts per. days.

They start at 7:00 in the morning and takes one hour session before the start of school. Then they have a 2 ½-hour session from at 17.30 in the afternoon. 

The goal for the team is clear: they are going to reach the playoffs. There is absolutely nothing to say on commitment and interest from the boys' side.  

They look forward violently both to travel and stay in Norway since this is the first time they go out of Nepal and the first time they travel by plane.